Friday, May 18, 2007

Painting A memory

My mother was doing a spring cleaning awhile back and was calling all of us kids to come get whatever we wanted before she sent it to some charity or threw it out.
Dianne and I had planned to visit her anyway, so off we went to see just what treasures we could find.
We had a great visit and went home with our goodies.
Dianne called me a few days later and told me that in the box of frames her had gotten from my mom there were two oil paintings that my Grandmother had painted, and did I want them.

My Grandmother is no longer with us, and it's such a treat to to have something that she painted.

To give you just a brief history on my gran, She had never touched a paint brush in her life till she got very ill and was pretty much confined to her bed. She also had lost a lot of her vision due to advanced diabietes.
Now if memory serve, I believe it was either my mom or one of my uncles that went to visit her, and she out of the blue asked them to get her a set of brushes, paints and some small canvases because she was watching some of the other seniors painting and she wanted to try it too.
I remember my mother bringing some of her work home and we were all so amazed how great they were for her never haveing done anything like that before.
These are even more special to me now because I only had a set of lamps she had also made during this period, that got broken beyong repair.
I feel it was a divine intervention that we were there at the right time, and that that box had not gone to a charity shop.
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Carol said...

Tonniece what a joy to have your grandmother's work. How beautiful they are and thank goodness they didn't end up in a charity shop where they may not have been appreciated.

Thank you for sharing the story. You and your grandmother share a common talent, how wonderful.

platitudinal said...

Oh, Tonniece! I’m so glad that those paintings were found and weren’t accidentally sent to the charity or thrown away. The background story of these paintings is remarkable. Your grandmother was naturally talented. She painted intuitively, from her heart. And, she passed her talent to you, Tonniece.

Africantapestry said...

How nice these are!I can't believe she never touched a brush, so to speak..A lovely little histroy and now the memories are yours.

Tonniece said...

I was just soooo thrilled when Dianne found these in the box, and that they didn't get trashed or given to a charity.
And yes I'll treasure them always.

Nola said...

How special! It was obviously meant to be, that you would have these to remind you of your grandmother. What a wonderful thing to have.