Friday, May 04, 2007

EDM #26

Today the old finger landed on n0. 26 challenge, Draw a vegatable, and since I now have a sketch book to draw in and a few great pencils I thought I'd give it a stab.
I went to the fridge and gathered the tomatoe, then thought why not do a few things today. SOOOOO after a few tries I came up with this my final try.
I had no garlic but there was the makeings for a salsa on the cutting board so I added that in at the last min.

Boy I can't wait till I can just do one without useing a pencil first, and all the rubbing out. LOL
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platitudinal said...

Oh, Tonniece, you are using this EDM challenge list like an ouija board. Where ever the finger landed, you drew the subject! Hehehe. You are just too charming and funny --- altogether a very interesting person! :)

This is a wonderful sketch of vegetable still life --- it's like a Salsa Rhapsody! I can't get over your meticulous observation of the shadow those vegetables casted on the cutting board. :)

So, how do you like drawing on your new sketchbook, Tonniece? Are you going to fill it up with EDM challenges?

*Never mind the rubbing, it's a good workout for the elbow! ;)

Tonniece said...

Thanks Luci

I love drawing on it but it's so long I can't scan the pics now. That's why this is a bit fuzzy,(that old messed up camera of mine).I haven't been able to get out to buy one, and won't for a while yet.
I'm just going to use it for the challenges for sure, there is lots of room to play on the pages.

Dianne said...

Hey these look good enough to eat, well maybe not the hot pepper:):)
Great job my dear..

Carol said...

Tonniece, you are doing a great job. I love all of the drawings but the still life is stunning. I love the colours. Dianne is right they look good enough to eat.

Africantapestry said...

Great post this! It would look lovely as an illustration in a cookbook! I love the chopping board, it looks very rustic. well done

Tonniece said...

Thank you all, I was so unsure doing this one so it's really encouraging to hear all these nice things.

Thanks again

Nola said...

Looks great - deceptively simple. And yes, it would look good illustrating a cook book!

juj said...

Good decision to add the garlic - it balances the composition perfectly. I really like the graphic quality of this drawing - the strong lines and delicate color with just the right amount of detail. Very nice.

Tonniece said...

Nola ans Juj

thanks for stopping by, and glad you like this sketch.