Monday, May 21, 2007

Everyone Meet Justin

I have been getting a bit behinde in my challenges, because I have been trying to get my faces
to look better.
I have not been sleeping too great, so I have been practising while the house is quiet.
I did this sketch from one of his school pics, and it's my third attempt, so I'm not going to mess with it anymore.
I find I tend to make boys look more like girls, but Justin really did look like a sweet little girl. lol
He was about 6 in this, and although he is 11yrs. old now he still has the longest eyelashes and huge curls that any girl would just die for.
He is my first grandchild, and the only boy.
So everyone, meet Justin
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platitudinal said...

Tonniece, how handsome this grandson of yours! He has a charming smile. And, those lashes! Goodneess me! They certainly make me green with envy! Hehehe.

Nola said...

Looks great, Tonniece! He's certainly a very handsome boy. A very good drawing!

Tonniece said...

Thanx Luci & Nola.
I'm so Happy I pretty much captured him. But to do one of him now, hummmmm that's another story. lol.

Carol said...

What a handsome grandson you have for sure. Your art work just gets better and better. I love to see your new work, keep it up.

Tonniece said...

Thanks Carol, He sure is a cutie, although I can't tell him that because he gets all red in the face. lol