Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been tagged 2x's

Ok, here's the scoop.................. I was tagged by Diane- , and I was in an instant panic. Not because I think I'm above it all, but because I really thought who would want to know about me. Long story short...... I begged her not to tag me.
Miss Luci e-mailed me and wanted to tag me too. LOL
I just adore these two people and after a long struggle with myself I decided to do it, but, with the stipulation that I not tag 7 others. I
So here goes people:
#1 Edited
LOL, (ROFL!!!!) I guess I should have gone on a bit further on this one.
I took a course called NON TRADITIONAL JOBS FOR WOMEN, and I took the two year under water welding course. While I did pass this course There were several more years of training to be a certified a deep sea welder.
1: I took a deep sea welding course when I was in my mid to late 20's. Although I never did get to actually weld out at sea, hehehe, I did weld in a huge tank that we trained in. To my surprise, I passed with honors.

2: I can take a 10 speed bike apart and rebuild it.
2a: I used to make bycicle wheel wall hangings. (sounds odd, but they are quite stunning)

3: I worked at the Firestone tire plant. I was in the dept. where they make tires the size of rooms. ( that was loud, very dirty and truely amazing). There is actually a pic of me standing inside of one somewhere here in Hamilton that my mentor and trainer took.

4: When I was in High School I wanted to become a medical Lab Tech.

5: I never got my driver's license till I was in my late 30's.

6: I'm deathly afraid of snakes, worms, and centipeeds.

7: I absolutly love music, I love to dance , I read everything I get my hands on.
7a: I have 2 beautiful daughter's and 4 great grandchildren
7b: I firmly believe you should do unto other what you would have done unto you.

Not too shabby for someone who didn't think they had 7 things to write.


platitudinal said...

This is an impressive list! A certified deep-sea welder, and you can take apart and rebuild a speed bike? Wow, Big Sis, you are like MacGyver!

Thank you for participating in this list of 7. You’ve always amazed me with your genuine heart and talent, and now I am awed once again with the new things I’ve learned about you.

Tonniece said...

Not Certified no, but I sure can weld.
As for the bike, yes I did several bikes for friends, and the one I did for myself got stollen.

juj said...

What a great list - and congrats to you for stepping outside the box and taking the welding course. My daughter will start her welding classes this summer. I would love to see one of your wall hangings some time. I bet they are fabulous. You should post one if you can.