Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sequine's Galore!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! I was just catching up on everything I've missed for the past few days, and while on Juj's blog, her blog is on the right (everything is contextual), I visited her friends site. Now for all of you who love to sew, and love sequines you've got to check this out. the cakes and eggs, yes eggs, are amazing, and all as you guessed done with sequines.

Another site I visit regularly is an amazing artist, Audrey Kawasaki. She does absolutely stunning work, and all on wood. check her out at , you won't regret it.
(BTW, some of her work is a bit erotic, for those of you who may not choose to view)


Carol said...

Thank you for sharing the links Tonniece I had a lovely time visiting - and I loved the eggs!

Tonniece said...

I know what you mean Carol, I was totally floored when I saw them too.

platitudinal said...

The sequins site is amazing! Tonniece, I also like Audrey’s works. Her manga-like style of very young looking and innocent girl in soft colors are beautiful. I admit that I’ve taken second looks and gasped. Hehehe.