Friday, September 22, 2006

Book Marks

I did these book marks for fun, and as you can see I didn't have a very steady hand doing the borders. LOL
I guess I'll be doing some touchups to the first 3. (These three are stickers that you can paint).

The pants were a hoot to do. I drew these from the little pants on my Birthday present from Dianne.
(I'm going to go a little off topic for a bit here).

I originally wanted my blog to be called Smarty Pants, but alas Blogger kept telling me that name was taken. I tried spelling it every which way with no success.
So I settled for tonyzworldofart. ( this is especially for annonymous on Luci's blog, who sugested I put in some dots or comas). Anyway, Dianne gave me an art kit this year for my "B" Day and she put a bunch of little pants on it, Way too cute, so needless to say, that's were the pants came from.

I still have alot more done, I just have to find some VERY fine markers.

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Dianne said...

These are soooooo cute
I love these.....
Artist you....

Tonniece said...

Thanks Dianne.
Lots more of these to finish.

platitudinal said...


These cards are seriously great :)
(Listen to Dianne)

The faeries are lovely, and the pants are playful & whimsical. It shows how your mind work: lovely and playful :)

Oh, almost forgot the pumpkin guy!
He's a cutey ... for a pumpkin head ;) Hehehehe.

Have a lovely weekend,

Tonniece said...


These were so fast to do, and fun. Not too much to think about because they are so small. Although I was going to put something inside, then decided that whom ever gets them can do that themselves.
Glad you like them, even the pumpkin head.

you have a great weekend also

Carol said...

Oh! my goodness I love these. They are so cure. I loved your story about your Blog and how you came to name it.

Is that a fairy I see in the top picture.

As far as fine marking pens are concerned I use Pigma pens. They are great for fabric as well. They come singly or you can buy a set of 6 or 8 in different colours. Add it to your Xmas wish list.

You are a very talented lady. I hope we can trade soon.


Tonniece said...


Thanks for the tip about the pens, I have been looking for a while now, and just couldn't fine really fine ones.

I'll add them to my wish list for sure, and keep my fingers double crossed. LOL

So you like fairies eh? I know that you like butterflies, so fairies are just a step up I guess.
(I love them also).

As for the swap, give me a bit more time to work up the nerve, and you are on. ( did I say that?)LOL

Have a good day

suzanne said...

Hey, what can we say your the
Best, and sooooooo Talented.
love it all.

Tonniece said...

thanks Suzie Q

we should have a gettogether and do up a bunch of them. You me and Di. Well soon as I get some fine markers that is.