Saturday, September 23, 2006


I couldn't sleep last night, so I did this card and envelope.
I painted some puzzle pieces metalic black and used them for card front, I cut the letters from cardboard.
On the envelope front I sewed the sides, and also the button fastener with a teabag boxfold, and used some of the same paper for inside of card.


Carol said...

I hate not being able to sleep. Like you I do something constructive. Are these jigsaw pieces? Really neat idea.

I thought I was organised and here you are with your Halloween cards already!

Enjoy your day.


Tonniece said...

Ha Ha ha! I'm not all that organised, only a few cards for halloween done so far.

Yes the card front is done with jigsaw pieces. I thought it would be different to tear an old one up and do something with it.
I've started a few of them but so far that's the only one I finished.

Bye for now

Dianne said...

This is another grrreat one, loe the puzzle pieces, you artist you...

platitudinal said...

Tonniece, using the jigsaw puzzle for the card is a brilliant idea! I like it very much :)
*now catch some "zzzz" ;)

Tonniece said...

Dianne and Luci

Thanks my DS's, I've had the idea for a long time now and thought,
What the heck, try it and if it doesn't work at least I've tried.
But I do like the effect,and now I can finish the few other one that I've started.(I have a whole puzzle to play with).

Thanks again