Friday, September 22, 2006


Today I recieved in the mail my order From Buby's Tantalizing Designs, with a cute thank you card also.
I can't wait to start useing all the stunning Tea bag designs that are on th CD.



Carol said...

I have heard of tea bag paper but what do you do with them?


Dianne said...

WOW I can't wait to see what you create now. Your such an inspiration to me thank you for that...

platitudinal said...

Hi, Tonniece :)

I usually just paddle in my usual, old, boring yarn & pencil/crayon stuffs. I'm all excited to see the different "medium" that you are using to create your arts.

I've never heard of rusting before, and now tea bags! And I'm sure this is not for drinking tea, right?


Tonniece said...

Hi Carol
You put them on card fronts, or I've seen them on the inside also I will post an example of Teabag folding for you.


Hopeing I will be doing lots with them. They are sooooo pretty, especially the quilted ones.
Keeping fingers crossed here.LOL


Hi LS, hahaha.... no not for drinking tea. There are so many way to do the folds that I still need to learn. But I will conquer them if I die trying. LOL