Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I'm guessing the material thing is not my forte. I tried to do this butterfly on material and as you can see it was a total disaster.
I had bought these Fabric Markers a while back and never used them. I'm thinking I should have used Fabric Crayons instaed.
So I thought, why not give it a try now.
VERY, VERY bad idea. I either can't follow directions right, or the directions are.... well messed up. (I'm hopeing it's the latter).
Nevertheless here is my great adventure with coloring material.
HELP!!!!!! What did I do wrong here?

Oh well, if I can believe anything it says on the Directions, it will wash out as long as I don't heat set it. We shall see if that at least is right.
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Carol said...


Try ironing a piece of freezer paper (or contact paper) to the back of your fabric to stop the marker from bleeding. This is also a good top if you are using fabric paint. If you don't have freezer paper then try printer paper. Tape the paper down and then tape the fabric on top - masking tape will work a treat.

That should help.

Don't give up! If your marker doesn't wash out (which they don't always despite what they say) then you can stitch the butterfly and the fabric marker colour will just show through.

Let me know how it goes.


Dianne said...

I knew our friend Carol would be able to help you out.. Great tip she gave..

Tonniece said...

Thanks Carol, I will try that.
It started out so good, ha ha.
Well at least after the frustration wore off, I had a good laugh. Trial and error I guess.

Thanks again

you got that right Dianne. God knows I need help with some of my blunders. LOL

Have a good one

platitudinal said...

I think the stitch will create the outline you want, Tonniece. And the fabric paint bleed will create a beautiful watercolor effect. :)
Looking forward to see you transform this butterfly.

*A little confession: I stitch badly & messily. If I paint the picture first then my stitch doesn't look so botchy. Where ever the baldspots are, the paint cover it. Hehehe.

Carol said...


Last night as I was thinking over what Tonniece had done I was thinking how wonderful your watercolours would look in stitch.

When I create landscapes I use a watercolour wash first and then I stitch over it. It's a lovely effect with no harsh lines.


Tonniece said...

Luci & Carol

Thank you both, I will give this a try. I really want it to look good, and I think you are right about stitching it.
Thanks for the advise.