Monday, September 18, 2006

Iris folding, Fans, and cutouts

Well I have been very remiss in keeping up to date here, mostly through no fault of my own, and I must say it is a bit my fault.

I also have been feeling very lazy these days. Not too much done in the way of art, though I did do a few cards.. which I feel might still need something added to.

The "top" fan card and butterfly card (which is not quite finished) are made from my homemade papers, the 2nd fan card I used some paper that my dear friend Sandy did with her chinese stamp, and the last I still have to emboss .

Oh and I did do another drawing also. Next post for that one I guess. And that's it pretty much.

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Dianne said...

Hey DF
These cards are beautifull..
Through our eyes you are a great artist, you have to BELIEVE!!!!!

suzanne said...

Hey Girlfriend,
Simply Marvelous, they are beauties.
The girl looks great I like the pose.

platitudinal said...

Black + pink = pretty.
Pink + light blue = pretty.
Black + light blue = pretty.
I love all these color combinations, Tonniece. The cards are beautiful. And did I see a Christmas card at the end? I cannot believe how people are already getting ready for Christmas. I'm just floored how you and Dianne are so NOT last minute ... this whole concept is awe inspiring for me! (Luci is lying on the floor,recovering from her amazement).

Tonniece said...


I am working on that.


Glad you like them, and the girl. LOL


Christmas is one of my fave times,BUT with all the fuss and so so much to do I try to get as much done as possible before hand.