Friday, September 22, 2006

For Carol

Hi Carol

These are just a few samples of Teabag Folding. I have yet to learn all the ways to do it, but these are the easiest.
The blue one I showed the front and the back, because you can use either side of them.

Hopefully with the CD, and instructions on all the methods I will learn many more.
Hope this helps.

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platitudinal said...

Tonniece, these are beautiful! :)
A question: Does tea folding have to be done on patterned paper? And it involves using the pattern to create a whole different pattern? (Well, those are two questions actually. I cannot count!)

Carol said...

Good morning Tonniece,

Thank you so much for posting pictures of your tea bag folding. Wow! I love them. I can see advantages in the paper being patterened on both sides - cool. You have a read kaleidoscope effect going here.

It looks like a fascinating technique. The pin one reminds me of a Japanese fan. The blue one could easily be interpreted in fabric.

Thanks again,


Tonniece said...


I have done one that I cut out from my own paper, and just painted one solid color and no pattern on it, and found if you have a nice pattern to put it on it looks ok.
The teabag folding papers are designed so that you get a different effect with each different fold you do, although I do have some with a pattern only on one side. They are good also.

Hope that answers you (2) questions.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


Thanks for asking.
You would love some of the patterened papers. I think it would be great to get a large one and use on material, but they come in sheets with the squares ready to cut and use.
Although I think they do have whole sheets for backgrounds also.

I find them fascinationg to do, I have only done it a few different ways, and there are lots of different folds and designs you can make.
I'm hopeing to be a master of it soon.

Happy you like them.

Have a good weekend