Monday, September 18, 2006

The Poser

I played around with this one for quite awhile, and I might redo some of it still.
I thought I'd try to do more body poses rather than just faces.
Next I'm going to consentrate on hands and feet. As you can see I need work there.
But here she is "The poser" Posted by Picasa

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platitudinal said...

Strike a Pose! :)
I like how she coyly looks at her admirers (us). Her hands look delicate and fine to me (but I know what you mean about how tricky it is to draw hands). I love how her feet are apart and yet pointing toward each other ... real cute angle. And, even with all these sassy pose, the girl manages to appear demure ... I guess because you make her skirt long enough to modestly cover her lower body part, Tonniece! Hehehe.