Saturday, February 03, 2007

For Sandy

I can finally post these pics. The first are pics of a stamp I made for a card for Sandy, and how it looks stamped. That being said, I never did sent this to her. I couldn't get it just right.SOOOOOOOOOOO what I did was make her

This card instead. I did the Iris fold on the purse, then beaded the fringes and the handle, and the clasp.
I have been trying to get this to her since her "B" Day at the begining of Jan.
So I am happy to say she finally got it.
Why you ask did it take so long to get to her? Well believe it or not it was the post office at fault. (Now can you believe that, the posties makeing a boo booo?)
I sent it off with more than enough postage, but to my dismay it was returned to me saying there wa not enough. And I might add they plastered a huge sticker over the address.
So I put it in another (larger envelope) added more postage and took it to the post office where the woman looked at it and went to drop it in the slot. I stopped her and told her to please weigh it as it had already been returned once. She looked at it and again said it was good to go.

I was to say the least upset, but figurd she knew best (although knowing in my heart of hearts it would be sent back yet again).
Well guess what....................................................................... It was returned AGAIN. Yup it was.
I was way too upset to go back, so I sent Danny. The same woman was there and was going to just repost it when Danny lost it on her and told her to please look at the postage AND the other sticker plastered on ADDRESS address before she let it go.
I believe he might have uttered pretty much close to death threats, knowing that when he came home it had best not be returned. LOL
so she looked,
And you'll never guess what the problem was from the beginning. The stupid #@^& was not seeing the UK on the addy, just the cambridge.
NOW I know they are way overpaid.
Anyway she has it now. Not too sure what shape it's in after all the travelling it did though. Posted by Picasa


smarcoux said...

Hi Toni

Shesh what a palava to get it to me but its worth it .. I am going to frame it to hang on my wall .. the picture doesnt do it justice ..its fabulous it looks like a real tiny purse .. will go great with my collection of handbags that I have.

thanks again


suzanne said...

Oh so pretty, it looks just like the real thing, Oh so pretty.

Dianne said...

Well Its worht its wieght in gold we might say, it is a gorgeous card..
I knew Sandy would love it so I guess it was worth it..

Tonniece said...


Soo very happy ypu like it. sheesh!!!

If I ever get my act together, I'll actually finish the original card I was going to send you from my first handmade stamp.

Sue and Di

Thanx you two. I guess it was worth it after all. LOL

platitudinal said...

Tonniece, it is a gorgeous card! The color is great, and ooh, those flirty fringe ... ahhh ... I can go on and on and on. I am so sorry to hear of your trials with the post office clerk. I cannot believe that it happened more than once on the same card! But, I'm glad that Sandy got it at the end, and she sounded like she really liked it too! :)

Tonniece said...

Well you know Luci... It seems I just don't have the best luck with the post office, but yes she did finally get it................... Thank goodness. LOL