Thursday, February 01, 2007

One Year Old Today

I was just surfing, and It occured to me that today Feb. 1st is my blogs one year anniversary. Woooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am one year old today.

It actually came to me because I was visiting Carol's blog at ,and it was her anniversary yesterday the 31st of Jan.

So a great big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you Carol


suzanne said...

Oh you think of everything, Happy Anniversary, to you both.

Carol said...

Happy anniversary Tonniece. You are 5 months older than I am! I love reading your blog and miss you when you don't post. Here's to many more years blogging.

smarcoux said...

Happy Blog anniversary day ... wow and to think I bet you thought you would never do something like this !!! well done

Its great that you do have this blog I get to keep up with all your lovely art work .... by the way the card came today!!!!!!!!!!!



Carol said...

Oh, I am a day older, Happy Blogaversary Tonniece.

Tonniece said...

Thanks everyone. I'm so shocked, One Year Already..... Whewww

Tonniece said...

oops... Sorry Sandy
I just noticed you said you got the card. Finally......after all that travelling I thought it would be really worse for the wear. Hopeing it's not in too bad a shape.
Glad you like it.

platitudinal said...

Happy one year old to Tonniece's blog. May you contain more and more of Tonniece's fantastic arts and showcase her fabulous creations!

Tonniece said...

Thanx LS
woooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!