Sunday, February 18, 2007


Tyra is my latest.
Working on shadeing now, trying to get it right.
Don't mind the hand, I know it's out of proportion, but one thing at a time.


Dianne said...

Another Beauty, you are just to good at doing these faced love them..

platitudinal said...

Nice work on the shading, Tonniece. Miss Tyra is one stunning lady. I must say that her hand is in proportion.

Carol said...

Wow! Tyra is simply stunning. Her hand doesn't look out of proportion at all. Nice work!


Tonniece said...

Hello Ladies

I don't know if I like the chalks or the water soluable crayons the best. this is a chalk.

Thanks for the comments


platitudinal said...

Hello, Tonniece :)

Everyday I come visit your blog to see the Incomparable Tyra. I hope you are doing fine and not "snowed" in. Is it still snowing there? It's hard to imagine since we're going around in our shorts here. (grin)