Thursday, February 15, 2007

My surprise

I told you last night that I got a visit from the postman on Tuesday, and that I got a super surprise. These are not the best of pics, but I just had to show them off.
So here it is in all it's glory.

This beautiful box was staring me in the face, which stunned and amazed me, and then when I opened it, this treasure was inside. The spine are chopsticks she brought back from the Floating Market in Bangkok, and the box was just to protect the book on it's travells to me. IMAGINE!! There was also a beautiful card inside, but try as I might, I couldn't get it in focus enough.

These pictures do not do them the justice they deserve.

what with this darn camera of mine GRRRRR. The wormanship and the colors, and all the pockets to hold special things. I LOVE IT. Believe me when I say that it is stunning.

Thank you so much Carol, I now have something from you to treasure always. And so you know, yes we are both taureans, which was another pleasant surprise.




platitudinal said...

Oh, Tonniece, the book is lovely. The colors are sublime. They remind me of all things radiant, sweet, and cheerful ... just like you!

*Are the pages made of pockets?

Tonniece said...

hi Luci

Yessssss, how cool is that. I tried to get a better pic of them, but I was lucky to get these as it was. Certainly cheered my day I'll tell you.
Don't know about me being sweet and radiant, but Carol certainly is.
You too, always spreading the sunshine on all of us.

Have a great day

Dianne said...

OH its so beautiful, but of course we know all Carols creations are amazing. Imagine it coming on that perticular day when needed most,
Must have been an angel got it to you.. Love ittttttttttt..
Looooooooooooove it...

Carol said...

How wonderful to receive such a beautiful gift,

Carol said...

I am glad it arrived safely and that you like it.