Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sassy and Thoughtful

Here are a few more paintings.
Sassy is my favorate. I feel she needs a new outfit though.

Thoughtful.... looks a bit peekid and pink here, but not for real. the colors are a bit distorted.  Posted by Picasa


suzanne said...

Very nice, love the eyes, very intense.


Carol said...

Love the top one, very wistful, I admire anyone who can paint, especially faces

platitudinal said...

Wow, Tonniece,

These are great paintings. The ladies are lovely. Everyone seems to be mesmerized by their beauty :)

Tonniece said...


Thanx. I was going for something totally different, but I think she is my fave.


Thanx for the comment. I too like this one. I'm really loveing getting back into drawing and painting. It's been a very long time since I've done it.
Thankx for stopping by.


Well you said to practise, and practise I have. It all seems to be comeing back to me.
Only problem is I would really love to do portraites, but that's where I run into problems, and might I say those funny looking eyes. LOL

Carol said...

Oh! Tonniece these are so beautiful. I like the colours of Sassy's outfit. You are just so talented. Like Carol I too admire people who can draw and I think drawing people must be the hardest.

Thank you for sharing.

Dianne said...

Well I'm reall glad you posted these.
The pics you draw from your own creative mind are fabulous.
Keep doing just these..
Love them...