Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What planet should you rule? This is a fun cool site. Give it a try.
I should rule Jupiter

Huge and hot, Jupiter is a quickly turning planet with short days and intense gravity.

I am perfect to rule Jupiter because I am both dominant and kind.
I have a great strength and confidence, but I never abuse my power.

I am always right. Even if I make mistakes, I compensate for them.... before anyone knows it.
I'm headstrong and ambitious, I always have a goal in mind.
I am optimistic and believe that things will always work out.

WHEW!!!!! I wish I'd thought of all this to say about myself first .LOL

What Planet should you rule?????????

Oh and as a side note, I'm hopeing to be able to show you all something stunning that the postman delivered to me yesterday from a special lady.
Keep watching, you'll love it too.

Have a great Day
Hugs Tonniece


platitudinal said...

Thank you, Tonnice, this is fun! I’m a Venus. Although I like the name Venus, I don’t like being called illogical. I don’t mind being emotional, but I need to be logical. How else am I going to work my favorite logic puzzles? Harrumph!

PS: I think you need to edit your link, change the comma after “blogthings” into a period.
PPS: This changes nothing about you being Miss Always Right Never Make a Mistake, okay? (wink & giggles)

Affectionately yours,
cheeky monkey

Tonniece said...


I am ROFL right now.
Hey you, LOL you were supposed to pm me about that (shhhhh). LOL LOL

Didn't you read that I fix things before anyone can notice it?

('CAUSE I NEVER, and I stress NEVER MAKE MISTAKES) hehehehehe
That's what they said.

This is too funny. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

Have a good one

Dianne said...

You Should Rule Mercury

Close to sun, Mercury has very long days - and is rarely visible to the rest of the solar system.

You are perfect to rule Mercury, because you live for the present - and can truly enjoy a day that goes on forever.
Like Mercury, you are quick and elusive. Your wit is outstanding, and you can win any verbal sparring match.

Some people see you as superficial, but in truth, you just play many roles and have many interests.
A great manipulator, you usually get what you want from people. And they're happy to give it to you.
OH BOY this is me, whatr do you think..
I still don't know how to put it on my blog LOL...

platitudinal said...

Oh, I am SO sorry, Tonniece. I didn't do it! The monkey got out of the cage and took over the computer before I could capture her and make her behave.

your shhhhh sister of the Shh Shh Sisterhood,