Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A bit more dyeing

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platitudinal said...

Oooh, such pretty colors, Tonniece! :)

Now tell me, because I am very curious, is your sink very colorful now after this project?

suzanne said...

Oh Ya Love all the colors


smarcoux said...

hi Toni

I am sure Di would comment if only she could get on the computer .. it has been acting up and we have been so busy with things that we have not fixed it up as of yet... wow you have been busy


Tonniece said...


As I only do a little at a time (mainly to avoid the mess)I have no staining at all. I think small work spaces help sometimes.


Thanks, I love how deep they went this time.


Hi stranger

Di told me about your puter, sorry to hear it. I feel lost when haveing probs with mine, but I'm not the gogetter you are. LOL
Good to see you could pop in for a few seconds anyway.

Sending Love to you all

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

What, pray tell, did you use to dye your fabrics? I love the colours.


Tonniece said...


All I used were a few drops of metalic paint, and food coloring.

The darker ones I used the ink that Dianne made before she left and freshie.

Let them soak all night, then washed. I was surprised the color stayed so good (I love the dark ones), but as you can see the red went a bit splotchy. (BUT I LIKE THAT ALSO).
I'm really glad I did it in a stainless steele basin though, for the staining. It did stain my drying cloths and it won't wash out, so I'll be useing them for a project too. LOL