Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Debbie

A few cards I made for my sister's Birthday last Tuesday. can't see the first one too clearly, but it's a picture of her and her son Jemal when he was really young. I love the one of him alone, it was at a stage in his life when he had to wear glasses. Too cute. ( He hates it though) lol
I made the envelope for this one also.
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suzanne said...

Happy birthday Deb,
Saw these in person, just beautiful.

Dianne said...

If people could see these in person they are really stunning.
You are fantastic with these cards..
Love them all..

platitudinal said...

I didn't see these cards in person, but they look great from the pictures! :)

Tonniece, I like how the fan card has the writings that look like kanji writings. And the tassel just add the extra specialness :)

The book card is cute. I'm just glad that you're not my aunt and have my picture in the training potty. ;)

Tonniece said...

Thanks Sue Dianne and Luci.
You are lucky Luci. because I would have put pics of that on here also. LOL