Monday, November 20, 2006

Yesterday's Fun

Yesterday I was thinking of finishing up all the things I had on the go, but I had spent the better part of Fri., and Sat. cleaning and getting things outside the house done. My leg was throbbing like a tooth ache, my migrane was acting up a bit, the weather is very cold, and I just decided to do nothing in the end.
Feeling a bit restless and a tiny bit guilty for doing absolutely nothing, later in the day I did do these fun cards.
Last year after Christmas they were selling these bags of cute cards with penguin's, Moose, and snowmen on them andI thought the idea was great.
So here is my version of a few of them.
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platitudinal said...

Tonniece, I'm so sorry to hear that you're aching everywhere and it's too cold there in Canada. Maybe I should just kidnap you and take you to my warm California! I love your cards ... everything with googly eyes --> I love!

*Seeing penguins ... reminded of Happy Feet. I'm going to take Christer to see it, because I want to watch it :)

Tonniece said...

I'll be ready, just say the word.LOL
I just detest cold weather.

Happy you like my googly eye's. hahahah. I doing them for the nieces and nefews, an grandkids. Still a few more of them to do.

Have a happy Monday

suzanne said...

These turnned out cool, and lucky you going to a warmer place, waaaa

Tonniece said...


I was looking at the snowmen and got to laughing to myself here. OMG they look like ghosts. I should have done them for Halloween not X-mas. Oh well the kids will like them. LOL

Hey ya, how about that. Nice warm weather, and Luci and Christer to play crafties with. I love to dream don't I?

Alas, back to the drawing board now.
Enjoy your day


Dianne said...

Hey these turned out sooo cute, the snowmen look like snowmen not ghost silly they are great love them...