Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Started to make a few X-mas cards this weekend, and that is about it Started, not one is finished.
I think I need to do the in an assembaly line as I hear others do. That might help.
I'm hopeing. Posted by Picasa


platitudinal said...

This is a darling card, Tonniece.
The colorful angel looks cheerful, perfect for the Christmas message (joy). And, I like the stars.

suzanne said...

Nice, at least you started, and the essembly, meaning want a little help from your Friends, you know I'am there.

Tonniece said...

Luci.... Suzane

I only have a few done now, but have everthing pretty much in order to get the rest done.
Be so happy when my new supplies arrive though.

Have a good one

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

What a beautiful card. Great use of colour and a well balanced design. Well done!


Tonniece said...

Why thank you Carol. Glad you like it.