Monday, November 20, 2006


UFO'S is right. I started these a few months ago, and as you see they are still not finished. I did have them done in my head, but now for the life of me I can't seem to get that image back. I have so many things unfinished my head is spinning. LOL
I started a pair of shoes way back in May or June, when Sue, Dianne, Sandy and I were doing our challenges, that still need to be completed, about 8 cards on the go, loads of embelishments to afix to cards not even made yet.Well enough of the whining for now.

The problem with these two cards:
The Lights didn't turn out the way I had wanted them to so I just left them for another day.
The fan is a bit too bulky so I got discouraged with that.

Boy I can't seem to get into the mood.
I think I am on overload with all the things I want to do, all the things I've started and not finished, the weather sucks, and ............. well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Hope your all haveing a better time of it.
Happy crafting

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platitudinal said...

Dearest Tonniece,

The lights look fine. I like the shaded area around the bulb, and how you stitched each ray. It gives a nice effect of glimmering lights.

As for the fan card ... the background is a bold pattern, a balanced compliment for the fan.

I do hope that you'll feel better. I wish for you an enjoyable crafting time. And, may you see the lovely things you made. :)

Love, Luci.

Tonniece said...

Thanks Luci

If only we all seen through your eyes, well me anyway.
I will finish them soon hopefully.

Have a great day

suzanne said...

You are your worse critic, meaning a severe judge,
Cheer up buddy, I'll have to come over and take you out of that house, heheheheh so get dressed Now, LOL
The cards look marvalous!!!!
Love Suzanne

Tonniece said...

Hey Sue

Thanks, that's probably just what I need, but in sandals?, in this cold?, I think I'm house bound now.

But good to see at least you are on a roll with your metal. Great pieces by the way.

Well got to scoot.
Have a good one

Dianne said...

These cards are beautiful love the lights and you know i loooove the fan.. You'll feel better after I finish with you...