Monday, November 27, 2006

Monkey Kick Off - Totebo Online Games

Left click your mouse and Kick the ball, and see how far you can get it. Just some silly fun for the day.

Monkey Kick Off - Totebo Online Games: " "


platitudinal said...

Oh, Tonniece, this is so much fun!
Thank you!

platitudinal said...

Tonniece, I keep returning to your blog to play this monkey soccer thing. I almost swallowed my gum when the ball kept rolling and hit 3741! :D

Tonniece said...

3741??????oh you show off you. Now I have to beat you since I'm only 2954. LOL
How does Christer like it, or have you let him try it? heheheh

Keep playing and have fun

platitudinal said...

You scored 4527, Tonniece????!!!!
(Luci bows in front of Tonniece's feet)
"Hail to the Monkey Soccer Queen. We're not worthy."

So, what happened when you reached 4527 meters? The sign said Monkey Village was 4000m away. Did all the monkey villagers came out to congratulate you? I'm so curious. :)

Tonniece said...

I was so upset. I was waiting for horns to blow, and confetti to drop, BUT NOTHING.
Just a teaser I guess.