Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1st Send out card

This card is for a woman on this Irisfolding group I just joined. The one woman ask if anyone would like to send a B'Day card out to her daughter. She is ill and dose not get out of the house or converse with others. Her wonderful mom as I said ask the group if we would, so I thought What the heck, I'm making cards anyway, and it will be practise for me on my other group sort of. (for the swapping things). Although this is not a swap. almost everyone in the group is going to send her a card which is soooo special.

So I am hopeing she likes it even though in my usual fashion I screwed it up a bit. I thought I had a really nice Happy Birthday sticker, to put down the side so I put the design off center. BUT as I said I screwed up, no sticker to be found and it has to go out. So I had to put it in my awful handwriteing. I've got just a bit of time left, and I still need to put a nice verse inside . Not knowing her makes it hard for me to write one from my head, so I really need to find a nice Birthday verse from somewhere.
Well off to do just that.
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platitudinal said...

Dear Tonniece,

What a beautiful and special card it is, I hope it will help bring birthday cheer for that person. I particularly do not find anything oddly off-centered about the card. And, you have nice penmanship ... especially written in golden ink. :) I like all these 3-D stuffs in your cards!

suzanne said...

OMG this is too beautiful, hope u found a verse for the card.

Carol said...

Stunning! Simply stunning! It looks just fine to me Tonniece!


Tonniece said...

Thank you ladies
Knowing me I will end up sending this one. Isn't that always the case, you make 3 or 4, then end up sending the very first one you make.


Alli said...

Oh my gosh! This is amazing, it is so beautiful it should be on a wall not a card. I love it!