Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's A Girl

a cute baby girl card. I think went a bit over board with this one, but all those tiny little thing just got to me. This was suposed to be a shaker card, but I got ahaed of myself and did it wrong.
Ok, so I heat set the gauze to the card added green ribbon down both sides. I made a slit at the top and added some very old crepe paper I hade, and also made a window and used the same crepe paper. I just bent some wire pieces to fashion a little hanger for the dress.

The socks are the only things I made of the outfit, useing felt and a bit of ribbon, I think they added the right touch to the frame. Posted by Picasa


platitudinal said...

Dear Tonniece,

This card is just so unbelievably cute! :) Waaay too adorable! It makes me feel like I want to have a baby girl so I can beg you to send me the card. Hehehehe.

*I'm just kidding about the baby part, okay? (wink)

Tonniece said...

Hi Luci

Thanks. this was really fun to do, I just love little girl things and it's been so long since mine were tiny people. After my nefew was born I started to think I'd like a little one again too. DAH!!! then I knew I was going insane.
THE CARDS will have to do. LOL


Carol said...

Those little shoes and clothes are ever so cute Tonniece. I love it!


Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

I know, they are too cute for words. I love them too. I almost didn't want to use them. SILLY ME LOL


suzanne said...

Hey the card is cute butttttttttt kids no!!!!!!!!!!!!
too steeped