Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dyeing time

Well yesterday I dyed and painted some more material for backgrounds. These gauge pieces were done a while back. The painted pieces were not blending as well as I wanted, but I think I am going to redo them and add some salt.
The solid colored gauge does not show the true colors, the yellow, blue and pink or such a nice bright, while the back pieces were just a mish mash of color. I got the multi color from just useing them to mop up after I painted something. They too are a brighter color.


platitudinal said...

Tonniece, I love the colors ... so bright and cheerful. What are you planning to use them for? I've never used any dye before, so I am always curious and fascinated when people do it :)


Tonniece said...

Hi Luci

Well I am going to use them for card backing and who knows. What ever stikes my fancy I guess. LOL

Just though I'd give it try. I have done several useing it already, but just have one finished as yet.

Will post them when done.

Have a good day