Thursday, October 26, 2006

Face It

Humm, she looks like someone.

Wonky eye again. Darn!!!!! Posted by Picasa


suzanne said...

She is pretty, just to let you know, everyone has a weird eye if you look in the mirror you will see one side of your face is different, shows more on some than others, like movie stars can fix all that with money, lol

Tonniece said...

Thank you so much for the great book Suzanne.
Hopeing that will help with the whole eye and nose problem I seem to be haveing.

Have a good night.
Love Tonniece

platitudinal said...

Hi, Tonniece,
What book are you talking about? Is it an art book? I must say that this drawing looks pretty good, if you read an art book (with how to draw people instruction) ... you might learn about perspective ... and perhaps you may not feel that your people looking "wonky" anymore :)