Monday, October 16, 2006

Boo to you

Well here are a few I finished to get them out of the way. The first one I cut a little pumpkin head I had in plastic and attatched to cs, I used a piece of black material and added some halloween confetti to it. The backing is some of the gauze I drybrushed a bit of green to as I put an orange gauze to an orange cs. Dah! I added some ribbon to the sides, and all done

The second card I tore a window, added orange paper to the inside and around the outside as a last min. thing. Wasn't happy with it all around, so just add rubons to it. I made the envelope for it just rubbing some crayon in black and orange, adding some paper to make it look framed, drew and cut out the goodie bag and glued it to front.

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platitudinal said...

Hello Tonniece,
I love how you use all types of materials/mediums. I think that's very creative that you can incorporate those various sources and create beautiful, spookilicious cards. Woooooooo :)

Tonniece said...

LOL Hi Luci

As soon as I become a millionaire I will be able to buy all those fancy things everyone else uses. But till then it's whats on hand at the time.

Have a good one

suzanne said...

Hey girl,
Cards are too cute, and as well its good to see you saying a few words on the group, it is getting easier too, isn't it!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sure Di is at least kooking on the group and beening proud.
You go girl.