Friday, October 20, 2006

new one for Melanie

Ok. so I did a card for the Birthday Girl but I hated it, so here is anotherone I did. I took several pics and can't seeem to find a good one, so Here are two so you can see the paper in one, and the whole card in the other. The purple is metalic so I'm thinking that's the reason I can't get a really good pic.
I searched the web for a really nice poem, but not knowing her makes it a bit hard to pick one. I eventually just did one myself.

Now that I have done the poem I hate this card too because it dose not go with the poem. SOOO

Yup you guessed it I started yet another card for her. I guess I'd better get it together and get "A CARD" , "ANY CARD" finished, make up my mind and send it to her before her Birthday comes and goes.


platitudinal said...


A box of fancy cards came with 4 cards. If you keep this up, you can give her a box of fancy cards. (big grin).

I like this card, purple metallic and all. Me think you just picky. Hehehe.


Tonniece said...

Hey Luci

I too am begining to think this. But I want it to be special for her, and I'm not quite there yet.
But thanks.


Carol said...

What, pray tell, is there NOT to like about this card? I think it is beautiful and I am sure she will love to have it.


Tonniece said...

Thanks Carol

I think Luci might be right, and I am being a bit picky. I just want it to be nice for her.