Wednesday, October 04, 2006

X-mas Wreath

Being idle has finally got to me.
Sitting here doing nothing is driveing me stir crazy (not that I have that far to go), so I stitched this in preperation for a card, and started another one... well the other one is done all but the filling in. Do you see this?, I am rambling on and on.

After Dianne's visit yesterday I am feeling a bit ansy.
I WANT TO TALK!!!!!!!!
Any time soon would be GREAT, but I am a tad sore from talking to her-- or should I say trying to talk to her. LOL And now I have to rest the old vocals again.
Dam!!!!!!! Oh well it was a fun day. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

platitudinal said...

Hello Miss Ants in the Pants (hehehe) ... this is a pretty card. It looks like a Christmas wreath.

May your voice return soon and your agitation ends! ;)