Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Early Christmas

Well I got a great surprise Thanksgiveing weekend.
I got a really early X-mas present. And boy do I need this.

Suzanne called and said she was comeing over with an early present for me, BUT I really thought she was kidding me.

Iwas totally floored when she arrived, and gave me this great tote for my crafts. It has so many different compartments to fill with goodies, and most of them detatch for on the go crafting.

Thank you so much Suzanne. I love it, and have it almost totally organized now.


platitudinal said...

Tonniece, that is a great tote. I love organizer thingy, they make life organize and seemingly manageable! Now you can print a card: "Craftster/Artist for hire. Come equipped and will travel."

:) Luci.

Tonniece said...

HA HA Hi luci

You are so right. LOL LOL
Craftster/Artist for hire........

Thanks Luci

suzanne said...

Hey Buddy,
Hope this makes living room life better, damn gota get me one now, if not only for my tools, To, TOO many craft things to hold in there, so it will have to be shelves for me. I am glad you are loving it. Merry Christmas
Love Suzanne