Friday, October 13, 2006

To my Very Special Friend Dianne

Well all.............. my dear friend Dianne is leaveing tonight for England. BOO HOO!!
I shall miss her so much.
I made this card for her, and posting it because she is haveing a problem on her blog and asked me to do so.
Have a GREAT flight Dianne. Love and miss you already.

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suzanne said...

Boo Hoo Is right,
Too special, this turned out so nice, the suitcase beautiful.

platitudinal said...

That's very thoughtful of you to make a Travel Card for Dianne. I like your poem, you're a master rhymer ;) And that suitcase card is sublime. Whatever material you used for the folding is super!

Tonniece said...

Hi Suzanne and Luci

I am so happy she liked it and you teo also.
I had to hurry and make this one, the first one I spilled coffee all over, AND I WANTED TO JUST SCREAM.
So I am haooy it turned out this good.

I used velvet ribbon to make it Luci.


Tonniece said...

Hello again

LOL, Boy can you tell I was tired when I posted this. Quite a lot of spelling errors. Sorry.

ok first: you two.... NOT (TEO)
I am so HAPPY.... NOT (haooy)
Well that was my laugh for the night.

Thanks again

Alli said...

Hi Tonniece,
Thank you for the really kind words on my waterfall card. I have just been mooching around your blog and you are so talented, I love your work!
If you go to this site it will show you how to do a waterfall card, if you struggle, just let me know, leave a message on my blog!
You really have to just go with it and trust it will turn out OK! HTH!

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

Loved the card for Dianne, you oh so talented lady, oh! yes you are never mind muttering under your breath LOL.

Dianne will be back before you know it. I mailed her "book" on Friday. I shall be on tenterhooks wondering if she will like it! Worry, worry worry!


Tonniece said...

Hi Alli

Thanks for the visit, and the great site. I will give it a go.

Thanks again



Hey! Welcome back. Missed you as always.
I did get a chance to get it to her before she left, so that was good, and she loved it.
Glad you like it also.

I was just at your site and seen the book. Just beautiful. She'd have to be a nutter if she didn't love it. See, all that worry for not. haha

Have a great week