Thursday, October 12, 2006

juggin it

This card front I did useing some of the painted gauze, just to see how it would look. It's a bit bulky, so will have to fix that before afixing it to card.

I also used some of the paper I hand dyed and some from an old envelope I found in a junk drawer. It was all faded on the outside, so I was getting ready to crumple it up when I got a glimpse of the inside. Wow like new in there, so I used t.


suzanne said...

Hey the gauze looks good on the vase. Buttons go very well for the top and your dyed gauze looks ok from here, of course I did see them in living color.
Too funny about the envelope ALMOST a through away, WHAT we will have none of that. LOL

platitudinal said...

The folded paper created an interesting "look through the glass" kind of feeling ... like Alice in Wonderland; while the gauze gives a brilliant coloring and texture. I like it!

Also ... congratulations for being listed in the Baby Carriage Folding Card Halls of Fame (Dianne forwarded me the e-mail) :)

Tonniece said...

Thanks Suezanne and Luci

And yes I was thrilled Luci, but wish it had been a more decorative card.
On cloud nine though.