Sunday, October 22, 2006


I finally tried to do a soot card. This is not the card, just a try at one. I think I could fire it a bit more, but this is just a practise run. I love the effect.


suzanne said...

Yes the effects are very nice, and sooty meaning??????
love it.

platitudinal said...

Tonniece, what does it mean when you wrote that you "could fire it a bit more"? Did you burn the card? With what? This is so intriguing!

Tonniece said...

Hello Suzanne and Luci

This is done by applying ink to cardstock, stamping whatever design you want, then holding it over a flame till it gets sooty.
After this is done you have to apply a sealant or the soot will smudge.
I was just paying around with this method because I had seen it on a card site and loved the effect.
I think this is a great way to do the different colors of leaves useing 2 or 3 different color inks.


Carol said...

Wow! You are always coming up with something new for our delight. I had never heard of sooty - I knew it had to have some kind of burning but couldn't imagine what you meant.

It's looking good.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Tonniece said...


I can't wait to do a real one now, but I better finish up what I have on the go now first.